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Overcoming the evils of writer’s block!

6 Aug

Hello all! I’ve decided to post an informational post this time! We all know and hate our most prominent enemy, Writer’s block. Well never fear! Sunshine is here! (da da da da!) Haha! I just recently over came a huge writer’s block phase after trashing one plot and coming up with another. You know how I did it? I thought of a certain mood and ran with it. I was frustrated, so I thought hmm…I’ll write a frustrating scenario! So I just sat down and wrote without having a thought of how horrible it was or wasn’t. Through all the rubbish I came up with, I actually found something decent! Voila! New plot! So just sit down and write whether its just a series of short one scene stories or just random sentance. Through all the rubble you might just find a gem! It’s all about the brain storm.


Puppet Master

19 Jul

Ladies and gentlemen!
Boys and girls!
I present to you,
a puppet show from a another world!
Here you’ll see the the weird, the wicked, 
even quite possibly the strange.
For some call me insane, often times deranged.  
For when I  inform you your eyes will grow wide.
All the dolls you see are very alive! 
With their bright colored costumes so unique.
Their bright smiling, faces will greet. 
Their fear stricken eyes you will meet.
I control them, for the petty reason of fun. 
For I am the Puppet Master,
the all powerful One! 
Come with me, let’s play a game.
But be forewarned,
for treachery, I am famed!  
Look at these pathetic creatures,
bowing to my every whim.
While the strings that confine them manipulate their limbs.
You stand there shell shocked.
You try to scream!
But you can only utter a squawk. 
And you wonder why my subjects can’t talk!
My dear naive listener, can’t you see?
If they spoke freely,
my power would cease to be! 
Find a string attached,
Away your freedom’s snatched!
And another servant’s hatched. 




8 Jul

Time is foe.
Time is friend.
Time goes forward.
Time never ends.
Can’t be reversed.
Constant in the universe.
What is really yours?
What is really mine?
Your heart is kind.
Though love is blind.
Can you see my faults?
Through your romance addled mind?
As dusk draws nearer.
I puzzle things further.
Casually drifting down the river of time.

Poem: Sunshine

4 Jul

I stand in the middle of a raging storm
Home is what I dream of when I’m forlorn
The memory of him pierces me like a thorn
My emotions are torn
I want to break free
Suddenly you sit down by me
Quietly comforting calmly waiting
I realize you are the key
You stood there soaking wet
Then our eyes met
You told me not to fear
Then the storm cleared
Everything was fine
Cause you are my sunshine

Poem: Soulless

4 Jul

Your facade is breaking.
With fear I’m shaking.
I can see right through.
I know the truth.
What’s behind your mask?
A black void.
Nothingness, you are soulless.