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Puppet Master

19 Jul

Ladies and gentlemen!
Boys and girls!
I present to you,
a puppet show from a another world!
Here you’ll see the the weird, the wicked, 
even quite possibly the strange.
For some call me insane, often times deranged.  
For when I  inform you your eyes will grow wide.
All the dolls you see are very alive! 
With their bright colored costumes so unique.
Their bright smiling, faces will greet. 
Their fear stricken eyes you will meet.
I control them, for the petty reason of fun. 
For I am the Puppet Master,
the all powerful One! 
Come with me, let’s play a game.
But be forewarned,
for treachery, I am famed!  
Look at these pathetic creatures,
bowing to my every whim.
While the strings that confine them manipulate their limbs.
You stand there shell shocked.
You try to scream!
But you can only utter a squawk. 
And you wonder why my subjects can’t talk!
My dear naive listener, can’t you see?
If they spoke freely,
my power would cease to be! 
Find a string attached,
Away your freedom’s snatched!
And another servant’s hatched.