>Why why why why why why do you say goodbye?

19 May

>Goodbye….The phrase is so final isn’t it? However, if you really look deep down into goodbyes it really is a new beginning. With each farewell we start a new chapter. Just today I saw my best friend right before he moves. He leaves tomorrow and I’m gonna miss him like crazy. But, with him leaving it will start an entire new chapter in his book of life. It will start a new chapter in mine also. I guess that’s what Paul McCartney meant with the song “Hello Goodbye.” Goodbye is just another beginning.



>My Perspective on Water. An insightful paragraph.

19 May

>Water. The earth is approximately 70% water. The human body is 90% water. An essential ingredient of life is water. Water is constantly in motion. H2O molecules constantly colliding. A river is always flowing. A brook is always bubbling. In the end of everything, we really are just water. Clear, simple, yet so complex. It puzzles me.